Planned MGS Breedings

Majestic German Shepherd puppies are the result of a lot of hard work, careful planning, and thoughtful breeding.  After all our efforts, all Majestic GS puppies need and deserve to remain with their Dam for a full 8 weeks before they go to their new home. We reserve the right to exercise a first pick from each of our litters.

When they are presented to you, these MGS puppies should be thought of as a blank slate. New puppy parents should create a caring, safe, and responsible environment for their puppy that consists of respect, firm but fair discipline, the proper nutrition, health care, and well informed training.  When you raise a Majestic German Shepherd puppy in this type of setting, these puppies can reach their full potential, limited only by your efforts and imagination.

Our Majestic German Shepherd puppies are intended for delivery directly to their new parents and/or family.  We will request the amount of information necessary to be assured that none of our Majestic GS puppies are being purchased by third party agents or any type of retail outlets.

Planned Majestic GS Breedings

Majestic German Shepherd Puppies are planned year around. Planned breeding information on the Dam and Sire for each breeding is updated periodically. Please take a look at Majestic German Shepherds’ breeding program foundation females and their AKC Certified Pedigrees on which we seek to build and improve. We reserve the right to exercise a first pick from each of our litters.

Winter 2021/Spring 2022 DDR Litter

Our DDR Litters with Ruby Rae and Schwarzbaren have been highly successful.

This DDR pairing produces both Sable and 100% Black coats.  The popularity among Sable Coats versus Black Coats changes from year to year.  We will add that both coats are absolutely gorgeous.  The Sable coats can be long or short, and both will tend to darken as the pup ages, while the black coat can become fuller with time.

This DDR pairing also produces Bi-Color Coats.  “Bi-Color” is the official American Kennel Club and German Shepherd Breed coat name for a GSD whose coats is mostly black with a minimal amount of tan or red in its coat.  For the Bi-Color coat, the tan or red is usually limited to the legs, abdomen, and limited areas on the face and throat.

This DDR pairing does not produce the traditional “Saddle Back” Coat.

With past litters we have had many more interested parties, than pups!


Spring 2019 Litter was Completed and Winter Rose was Retired from our Breeding Program.


Shasta Daisy Became a Service Dog and was Retired from our Breeding Program in 2019.